Friday, November 26, 2010


As I went to bed last night, tired and stuffed after yet another Thanksgiving Day, I kept thinking of all the things I have to be thankful for. As I was thinking, it occured to me, "WOW! I have a blog now where I can share ." So, here goes:

1. First and foremost is family. My husband of 52 years has stuck with me through the good times and the bad, and has dealt well with my independent nature. I'm sure it has not always been easy. We have three daughters and a son and their spouses/SOs. Some live nearby; some do not. But all eight of them are always close to my heart and much loved. Among the blessings they have given me are six grandchildren; four girls and two boys, all now grown as well, and finding their way in this huge world of ours. The eldest has gone on to give me perhaps my greatest gift so far; a beautiful, funny, wonderful great-grandson, now three. He lights up my life!!

2. Next comes friends. The "old" ones are the best. One I have stayed close to since high school days in NJ and she's still my best friend here in TN where we both settled. Another who was our best man at our wedding now lives with his wife right around the corner. And others from different phases in my life still remain close, thanks to email. New friends also are a blessing. One in particular who lives a world away in Australia and who I have never met in person is especially dear to me. We "met" on the internet several years ago and have come to know and love each other. Many of the friends that I worked with for 26 years remain friends even though I have now retired. Then there's the one who recently stepped in to help with a family crisis. I will forever be grateful to her...

3. Good health is next on the list. In spite of my advanced age (LOL), I feel very well most of the time and am able to do and go as I wish. The cancer that threatened me nineteen years ago is not quite forgotten, but is just one of the insignificant hurdles that I have overcome. Hopefully, I will pass this healthy outlook on to my family.

4. America!! I am SO thankful that I live in this country; the home of the free. It has its problems, many of which are frightening at times, but there is no where else on earth that I would rather be. And all those brave and selfless young men and women who fight and sacrifice to make it all possible, for them I am eternally grateful.

5. A warm home on a cold day and a cool home on a hot one are also on my list. As is good food, good company, the 4-legged kind included, and good sense, which I sometimes lack. And, I must not forget a great computer (son built) and a more than adequate internet hookup which make it possible for me to run and enjoy my internet business, SimplySuzula. I know I could go on and on listing everything I'm thankful for, because I am truly blessed, but this will do for now...


  1. It is always worth while to sit back and remember and appreciate the good thinks we have in our life - and just to acknowledge them and be thankful for them - makes us breathe deep and feel happy!

  2. Ahhh Suz! Your list mirrored mine on my blog!! Great minds think alike! :D Love your post and love your outlook on life! xo Cait

  3. Beautiful words, beautiful graphics and the sounds of a dear soul happy in herself! What more could a friend ask? So reassuring to know you are content and thriving, even after a long year and some sadness. Love you! xoxo

  4. What a perfectly lovely post, Suz! Here's to continued love, health, friends, and blessings!