Friday, March 26, 2010

On Becoming G.G....

Way back, many years ago, I had a child, followed in rapid succession by three more of the same. They were wonderful, it was hectic, but they all grew up. Next came grandchildren, six in all. They, too, were wonderful, and their parents handled the hectic part.

Then, two and a half years ago, wonderful took on a new meaning with the birth of my first great-grandchild. I soon began to understand the use of GREAT as a prefix. Those of you who follow my daughter's blog, the hellhole diaries, know him as t-willie. To me he is just plain Toby.

I was waiting outside the delivery room when he was born and held him in his first hour of life. I've watched him grow from a tiny baby to an active toddler who surprises us every day with his antics. Unlike the grands who grew up living far from me, he is only 15 minutes away, and always accessible. He calls his mother, "mama", his grandmother, "gammie", and me, "G.G.", short for great-grandmother. When he wants to see me smile, he calls me "geej" or "geejer"...

He fills my life with wonder and my heart with love. In the years to come, hopefully there will be many more great-grands, and they, too, will be wonderful, but I'll always remember that it was Toby who taught me the true meaning of GREAT!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Flutter by and check out these great butterfly creations from my TEAMEPE team mates. All of these shops are part of EtsyProjectEmbrace and donate to the American Cancer Society. Click on the above links to see how you can help.

botanicalbird-garden themed jewelry

beckandcallgirl- fiber arts supplies

blacksheepdesigns-be different

caelum-handmade paper goods

Rough Magic Creations-handmade in Maine


adornbyamysingley-unique artisan jewelry

Butterfly photos were taken by me in my yard last summer.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Colors of Nature

I'm not sure why, because I neither knit nor crochet, but I just love all the handspun, hand dyed yarns on Etsy. I often search them out and use them in my Treasuries. While trying to think of an interesting way to post some of my macro flower photos, I thought of how nature is so often the inspiration for colors:

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Spring has sprung; finally!! Is there really such a word??

After the coldest and snowiest winter in many years, temps are mellowing and bulbs are sending up their pretty flowers to make us smile. All along the old stone wall between my upper and lower front yards, the daffodils they call buttercups here in Tennessee are multiplying daily. As soon as the snow melted, there were four inch budded stems just waiting to be uncovered. I sometimes wonder just how many years they have been returning to put on their show. I've been here 28 years and they were here long before me.

As I walked around the yard this morning, observing all the yardwork that I will soon have to tackle, I couldn't help but think how the changing seasons are something we can always count on. Used to be when I was younger, fall was my favorite; a time to relax after the long hot summer days of gardening, picking, canning, freezing, and trying to stay cool. But now I don't do much of that any more, and my AC follows me from home to car to work. So, as beautiful as fall is, I do believe that spring now takes first place for me. Seems that every day there is something new to catch my eye; tiny pink buds on the redbud trees, soft green ones on the maples, and emerging flowers everywhere.

I am very fortunate to live on 25 acres of mostly wooded mountainside overlooking a beautiful valley, and even more fortunate that I love to work in the yard and dig in the dirt. Last summer, I finally began to realize that my flower beds were too far-reaching and somewhat beyond my ability to care for them all. Not to worry! I just began digging up plants and moving them closer to the house. I really can't imagine a home without flowers or a year without seasons...