Friday, August 27, 2010

Still Looking Down

Once again on my morning walk, I turned my eyes to the ground. This time my target was not bugs, but rather WEEDS!! Every day I pass them by and discount them as nothing but ugly wild vegetation, but this morning I looked more closely and found beauty.

Sometimes we just need to take the time to really look. There's just no end to the surprises that await us...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Don't Bug Me!!

I'm proud to say, I have walked six out of the last seven days for a total of about eleven miles. Even though I've been a walker before, I always seem to start out well and then slack off. This time I am determined to stick with it. Not only do I know it is good for my health, but I live in an area where walking is pure pleasure. The hills are sometimes a challenge, but the lack of traffic makes up for that.

Since I am limited somewhat to the five miles surrounding my home, blogging about my walks requires a little creativity. There's only so many photos of horses, cows, and scenery before it starts to become redundant. So, on this morning's sojourn, I spent my time looking downward at the sides of the road. My target was the creepy, crawly, fluttering creatures that hide among the roadside vegetation.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting my new found "friends" and I know you can hardly wait to see what's next... :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The first early morning in a very long time cool enough to walk; 72°! Left my Tennessee farmhouse just before 7:00, camera in hand, while the mist was still lying over the valley. The corn fields have already been turned to silage and the soy beans are ready for harvest. Our extremely hot summer has taken its toll and given the entire area a tired, sleepy appearance.

About a half mile from the house, I saw my first neighbors, tranquilly (word?) dining on their breakfast of green grass. These particular cows are Black Angus and revered for their tender cuts of beef. I prefer them peacefully grazing in the field...

Proceeding farther down the country road, almost at the one mile point, I came upon more friends. These are some of a large herd of horses owned by a long-time Hickory Valley farmer whose wife works in New York City. Now that's what I call commuting!

Although my spring strolls always provide me with many wonderful wildflower shots, I was hard pressed to find any on this end-of-summer morning. This is the best I could do:

If all goes as planned, I will be doing a lot more walking and will have more stories and photos to share. :)