Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friends and Family

Not only am I proud to have an Etsy shop, but several of my friends and my daughters also have shops. I think it's time to share my favorites from theirs.

My eldest daughter has two shops, fisheye and fishlegs. The first showcases her lovely upcycled handmade items and the other, the vintage finds she loves to share.

My youngest daughter has a shop, gatonegro, where she upcycles
t-shirts, belts and thrift shop fabrics into great bags and totes.

My middle daughter's shop, aurorafedora, is temporarily in limbo while she reorganizes her life. Here's her totally awesome blog: the hellhole diaries

Since becoming a part of EtsyProjectEmbrace, I have made SO many new friends!! The following are just my favorites from a few of them:






I plan to include many more of my TEAMEPE friends in future posts.


  1. Lovely post, Suz! That's a beautiful feature for EPE!!! And now I'm off to explore your daughters' shops!

  2. Nice job with your new blog...and it's delightful to see your daughters' work and that of the EPE'ers you hae chosen for this post. I'll have to get my next blogging lessons from you!

  3. your blog is what a blog should be! a delight to see and filled with wonderful items. I am so happy to see some of the great teamepe group! thanks so much for having me here. I am honored~:-)

  4. Looks great, Suz! Love the red theme going on here. Fantastic work by your daughters... and of course by EPE!!

  5. YAY!! Thanks so much!! WOW, you have a talented family, you must be very proud. Looking forward to seeing all your friends! laura :D