Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back From the Tropics

I returned Tues. night from six days in Cancun where the weather was in the 80s and sunny. Now two days later, I am preparing for a winter snow/ice storm. What's up with that?

The first morning in Mexico, I looked out of my hotel window just in time to see the sun coming up over the ocean. There's nothing more beautiful...

I opened the window and let the balmy breezes lure me awake. I was anxious to head downstairs and enjoy the sand and surf. I spent my childhood on the beach and now that I live far from the ocean, I never seem to get enough of it.

Unfortunately, it was quite windy and the waves were more than I felt I could deal with, so I took advantage of the several pools just feet from ocean. Many hours were spent lounging and reading and sunning and relaxing, and swimming when the urge arose. All in all, it was everything a vacation should be.

These are views of the beach and pools from our eighth floor window.

As wonderful as it is to get away now and then, coming home is wonderful as well. Earlier this evening, I looked out my front door and saw this spectacular winter sunset.


  1. Sunrise over the ocean, sunset over your own rolling hills. Warmth of Mexico, chill of Tennessee. And some good swimming in the middle. Sounds like a scrumptious "Vacation Sandwich"!
    Lovely photos, Suz!
    xoxo Mollie

  2. Ah! nice to see these lovely photos, Suz; glad you had a good break and time away and were also happy to be home again!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time and a much-deserved break!

  4. what a beautiful spot! sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed yourself...and yes, there's no place like home!

  5. Looks wonderful!!! Wish we could have gone...