Monday, August 23, 2010

Don't Bug Me!!

I'm proud to say, I have walked six out of the last seven days for a total of about eleven miles. Even though I've been a walker before, I always seem to start out well and then slack off. This time I am determined to stick with it. Not only do I know it is good for my health, but I live in an area where walking is pure pleasure. The hills are sometimes a challenge, but the lack of traffic makes up for that.

Since I am limited somewhat to the five miles surrounding my home, blogging about my walks requires a little creativity. There's only so many photos of horses, cows, and scenery before it starts to become redundant. So, on this morning's sojourn, I spent my time looking downward at the sides of the road. My target was the creepy, crawly, fluttering creatures that hide among the roadside vegetation.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting my new found "friends" and I know you can hardly wait to see what's next... :)


  1. I love this post and the creative way you've brought the micro world to our attention! I for one, never look down enough and must miss heaps :) Photos are beautifully arranged... All just lovely! xxx

  2. wow, mom, can't believe ya found all those creatures!!! cool pics!

  3. lovely walk with lots of company today! thanks for sharing, suz!

  4. Loved joining you on your walk Suz..and getting a look at your tiny companions! What a fine idea to focus on these guys. Terrific photos.