Friday, April 9, 2010

Still Walking...

Another day and another walk in the woods. Our colorless winter mountain side has suddenly been transformed into a thing of beauty, thanks primarily to the wonderful redbud trees. I'm not sure why they're called redbud as they're definitely not red, but a glorious shade of lavender pink. They fill the woods around my home; an awesome sight this time of year.

At the exact same moment, or so it seems, the dogwood burst into bloom, offering the perfect contrast. Like the redbud, the flowers appear before the leaves, turning the recently bare branches into a showcase. This is a tree that is every bit as lovely in the fall when the leaves turn red and the berries appear.

Wandering farther up the hill, pushing the matted leaves aside with my foot, I came upon what is probably my very most favorite wildflower, the Jack-in-the-Pulpit. I've never seen one that was not absolutely perfect, and this one was no exception. These are a native perennial herb usually found in moist woods. Here in Tennessee, they bloom in April and last only a week or two.

From time to time, I encounter clumps of tiny white flowers which I have named Fairy Flowers because of their delicate appearance. Their actual name is Wood Anenome and they grow in colonies from a root system that creeps just below the ground.

In the 28 years that I have lived here, I have never tired of exploring the woods around me. Each new season brings new discoveries and makes me feel blessed to live out in the country.

Thanx for walking with me... :)


  1. Hi Suz! Thanks for taking us along on your walk in the beautiful woods near your home..lovely photos and they give a gloriously soringy sense of where you live..

  2. What a beauty of nature, i really enjoy all these lovely pics, thank you Suz :D

  3. Ah, redbuds and dogwoods... they are prolific here in North Carolina too. And they are definitely among my favorites! Thanks for sharing your neck of the woods with us. I always look forward to your earthy and nature-filled posts!

  4. Wow! Suz! Thanks for getting me out of the house and into the woods with you! Your photography is amazing! xo Cait