Monday, February 8, 2010

Hickory Haven

Way back in 1998 when I bought my first computer, long before the days of blogs, my son taught me html and how to make a webpage. I titled it Hickory Haven since I live in a rural community called Hickory Valley. I started out with a bio and moved on to my flowers, my pond (which he and I built), and eventually, my travels, including our unforgettable Australia trip in 2000. It now has 25-30 pages, lots of photos, and a couple of slideshow/photo albums. My only regret is that the earliest pages include photos taken before I owned a digital camera. Recently I added a page telling about my Etsy shop, and last night I included a blurb about my team, Etsy Project Embrace or TEAMEPE.

Now that I'm a blogger and have discovered the ease of an html editor which does most of the work for you, I wonder at all the effort it took to complete these pages. Looking back, though, I feel an immense sense of accomplishment, far greater than that I feel when google helps me add a new post to my blog.


  1. Hey Suz! I checked out your website and truly enjoyed seeing your travels, your home, your pond and your flowers. It was nice to get to know you just a bit better through those pages. So is your husband a gunmaker? I saw the photos of your TN "farmhouse" and the gunshop. My husband makes custom knives... they'd probably have a lot to talk about! Thanks for sharing the link and for sharing some pieces of your life.

  2. Hi Suz: Fun seeing your Hickory Haven pre blog postings.. I'm impressed you did this years ago and got so into blogging so fast; It's always sweet to find out a little more about people..and being so slow at blogging as I am also admire your leaping into it so well..